The TTM 2013 system consists of a Keithley instrument, custom embedded thermal transient measurement software, and a software driver (API) for Microsoft Windows. Each system comes with a complete set of firmware and driver source code. An optional source code package is built into a Virtual Machine and provided on a USB drive assuring that the customer has at any time in the future all the materials it might need to create the runtime packages from the source code..

Thermal Transient Instrument Systems

The TTM system uses a 26xx instrument (presently, 2601B) as its hardware platform. This system features fast sampling (up to 12 KHz).


The system include the following features:

Stand alone or computer controlled;
Digital, computer or manual triggering of measurements;
Instrument- or computer-based configuration;
Pass criteria based on initial and final resistances or thermal transient voltage levels.
Pass criteria are set by customers based on customer six sigma procedures.


TTM systems include the following components:

An instrument from Keithley Instruments, a Tektronix company:
Includes the custom embedded TTM system and makes the physical measurements;
Embedded Thermal Transient Meter Firmware by Integrated Scientific Resources, Inc.;
Makes bridgewire and thermal transient voltage change measurements on digital, manual or message command with digital output of pass/fail outcomes and saves results to a storage device connected to the instrument.
Provides a user interface for setting the TTM test parameters;
Windows-based Control program
Installs and tests new firmware;
Developer API for Windows-based control;
Packaging for the deployment (installation) of the software and runtime programs and source code.



The Keithley/Tektronix instruments measure bridgewire resistance and thermal transient using the TTM custom firmware and communicating over USB, Ethernet or GPIB interfaces.

Embedded Thermal Transient System

The embedded firmware measures bridge wire and estimates the thermal transient voltage from the measured thermal transient trace.

Bride Wire resistance:

Current Level: 0 – 10 mA
Accuracy: 0.001 Ohm
Range: 0 – 10 Ohms
Measurement Duration: 1 power line cycle (16.7ms @60Hz)
Pass Fail Detection: Low and high limits.

Thermal Transient:

Current Level: 0 – 999mA
Maximum sampling rate:
TTM 26xx: 12 KHz
TTM 24xx: 2.2 KHz (TTM 2014 only)
Number of samples: 20 to 1000.
Thermal Transient Voltage (0 – 200mV)
Thermal Time Constant (ms) mean and standard error;
Thermal Asymptote (mv) mean and standard error.
Thermal Transient Trace.
Pass Fail Detection:
Thermal Transient Voltage low and high limits

Digital Output

Saves test results a USB device connected to the instrument.
Windows Console
Installs and tests new firmware.
Windows API
Developer access to the instrument using Windows-based tools.
Installation packages for the run time components and a package for source code delivery.


Runtime package
Each runtime package includes the following components:
An instrument;
Software embedded in the instrument;
Embedded software;
Software is embedded in the instrument. Also included is a Windows program to update and test the embedded software.
Source Code Package
Each source code package includes the following components:
Virtual Machine (e.g., VMWare file format);
Windows Operating System (Windows 7) and drivers (e.g., NI-488 + NI-VISA);
Development Environment for compiling run times from the source code (Visual Studio Express and Test Script Builder);
Source Code;
Test plan delineating the steps required to compile new releases and install them on new machines.
For acceptance of the source code package, customer will run the virtual machine at their facility and go through the test plan described above.
Source Code Updates
New source code packages will be prepared with each new release.
Email support with FTP software and firmware updates.


Software and firmware come with a non-exclusive unlimited license for use the software and firmware on one system.

Price List

SKU Item Price
isr.ttm.2013.2601b TTM 2013 Runtime package $10,350
isr.ttm.2013.vm Source code package
Includes the operating system and software programs and drivers to install a new a new system or to create the runtime from the source code.
isr.ttm.2013.vm.u Source Code UpdatesUpdates the Virtual Machine to include software fixes that are included with new or existing devices. $500