SRE-5 Gas Flow Analyzer


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For the measurement and Diagnosis of Pulsation-Induced Square Root Errors (SRE) and Gauge-Line-Induced Errors (GLE) in Orifice Meters.

SRE-5 Features

Significantly reduces total time to perform SRE tests:
Quick installation of gauge line/ transducer assembly
Simplified calibration procedure
Windows based software
Calculates % SRE and estimates a dollar value of measurement error
Sampling rate of 5,000 Hz Real-time spectrum analysis displays pulsations and frequencies
Off-line processing for recalculation of SRE at user-defined spectrum range
Automatic warnings and interpretations of high resonance frequencies induced by the manifold
Prints custom reports
System Components

PCMCIA data acquisition card
Validyne P-55D DP transducer with one-valve manifold
Transducer interface box and connection cables
pgiGLeSQRean software
Computer Requirements (not supplied with the system)

Laptop computer with Pentium Processor and Windows (XP or 2000) operating system
800X600 screen resolution and support for PCMCIA card
Minimum 64 megabytes RAM
Free disk space for program (4 megabytes) and test data (1 megabyte / test for raw data)
Download the SRE-5 installation program: SRE-5 Installation Program

Download the Hasp Device Driver: Hasp Device Driver