Automated builds integrate distributed repositories

Integrated Scientific Resources’ (ISR) projects combine source code form multiple open source repositories. Each such primary project is build using the source code of these repositories rather than packages (e.g., NUGET) encapsulating the open source. The advantage of this approach is in giving the customer access to the open source used in the project at the time the project was built.  All source is hosted at ISR’s Bitbucket so that even if the open source project goes mute, the cost is still available at ISR.

To build the project, the customer is able to pull the code from the primary repository and use a special file stored in the root project to pull code from the repositories associated with the primary repository. This file enumerates the hash keys of the commits that were made when the primary repository was release. This allows ISR to keep its source code in sync without having to use NUGET packages.