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Our test and measurement system acquire signals from variety of encoders and sensors for modalities
such as temperature, pressure, rotation, speed and resistance from both humans and machines.

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ISR areas of expertise in software development and system integration include industrial automation, production testing
medical systems, automotive parts production, semiconductor component and wafer test systems.

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What Clients Say

ISR has done a great job … using the software in several locations … will help out immensely in improving our processes.
M.S., IRC a TT Electronics Company.
Worked beautifully and exactly as predicted.
G.W.F., Motus Bioengineering Incorporated
We have all been very impressed with your command of programming languages…and your ‘how-to’ knowledge of computer hardware and interfacing structures.
With this record of high-quality, on-time results, I’m sure we will be seeking your assistance with future projects.

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Streaming Data to Initial State

Streaming Data to Initial State Evaluating initial state with API and Keithley 6510 Streaming Initial State Walkthrough The Keithley-specific walkthrough starts here: www.initialstate.com/keithley Thereafter a sign up for the 14-day trial of Initial State gets one started right away. [...]

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